When in Savannah, eating seafood is a must.  If you feel like trying something different, the Fried Shrimp Cone at the Seafood Shack is a great option.

TAKE A WALK ON JONES STREET Jones Street is considered one of the Most Charming Streets in America.

VISIT FORSYTH PARK Forsyth Park is located in the heart of the historic district of Savannah.

The wide pathways and benches make for an idyllic location to sit and relax. The green space is the perfect location for playing frisbee or practicing yoga.

CHECK OUT THE 22 SQUARES Among them Chippewa Square, named after a skirmish in the War of 1812, home to the monument of James Oglethorpe.

EXPLORE FACTORS WALK Factor's Walk is the site of shops and cafes, but back in the 1800s, it was an important location for the cotton industry.

If you are on River Street, take E Upper Factors Walk. You'll walk past the Cluskey Vaults where cotton was once stored.

River Street was the location of the port of Savannah in the 1700s. The four and five-story buildings line the cobblestone street and used to house cotton. Today, it's a great place to shop and dine.

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