The Shoals area is known for music, Helen Keller, the Rosenbaum house, and Southern hospitality. 

From breakfast to dinner, check out these ninre unique local restaurants that you're going to want to dig into.

Big Bad Breakfast is located in the heart of downtown historic Florence.   They make everything they can from scratch - the biscuits, jellies, bacon, sausage, etc.

They have their own Big Bad Breakfast blend of coffee via Royal Cup and their own smoked meats from the Fatback Pig Project in Eva, Alabama.

Stepping into Wildwood Tavern is like taking a step into a modern-day saloon, Florence style. 


Gourmet dogs include  the Korean BBQ Dog made with bulgogi Korean bbq sauce and house-made kimchi to the French Dip Dog with toasted mozzarella cheese with basil seasoning.

The inside of the restaurant is modern and upscale, but not pretentious.   The sushi menu is pretty extensive with items such as California rolls, dragon rolls, bubba gump, and white monkey rolls.

For those seeking something light to eat, Yumm serves soups (Thai Chicken Coconut, Lemongrass Shrimp, and Wonton) as well as a side salad. 

Paul Trowbridge opened the Trowbridge Creamery in 1918 and developed the recipe for orange pineapple ice cream.


Later, menu additions included hot dogs and homemade chili.  Trowbridges is still a family operation serving ice cream and sandwiches.

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