Where can you go to get up close and personal with wildlife without flying to Africa and traveling by Jeep into the heart of the Serengeti?     Global Wildlife Center. 

Located in Folsom, Louisiana, Global Wildlife Center is a non-profit organization that encompasses 900 acres, allowing endangered and exotic species to cohabit and roam freely.

You can purchase a family bucket of feed for  $30 or a souvenir cup of feed for $2.00. 

The tours last for about an hour and a half.  The caravan travels at a very slow pace and stops occasionally so that humans can feed the animals from the safety of the wagon.

The animals are a lot of fun to watch and feed.  You can even feed the llamas right out of your hands.

The zebras are fun to watch, too, except that their presence makes giraffes leave.  (Giraffes don't like zebras.)

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