Gettysburg Food Tour

Gettysburg is a small town with a big history. And what better way to learn about the town than to go on a food tour? Gettysburg Food Tours offers a unique opportunity to sample the local cuisine.

The Savory Gettysburg Food Tour is a 3-hour tour that takes participants to different places in Gettysburg where they sample some amazing food.

One thing to know about food tours is that you should not expect them all to be the same.

Pizza at Food 101

There are a variety of dishes that are sampled during the food tour, such as this Shepherd's Pie and Scrumpy Prig.

From start to finish, taking the Savor Gettysburg Food Tour is a great way to discover places to eat and a learn a little history along the way. Swipe below to learn more.

Gelato at Cone Sweet Cone