Brio is located just south of the Strip.  We boarded the Deuce (a double decker bus that covers the Las Vegas Strip) and took the Town Square stop.

Brio is located about ⅔ of the way into the shopping center.  Walking into the dining area, we were greeted by friendly staff and ushered to our seat.

After being seated, we were brought a basket of bread.  The triangle pieces you see (below) is a flatbread that you really should try - it's deliciously addictive. 

Birthdays are always special.  Since we were marking an exciting 21st in Vegas, we started off lunch by ordering my daughter a Peach Bellini.  She was in love with the fruity cocktail at first sip.

My husband and I both ordered the Mezza Chicken Limone. The portion size was more than generous, the chicken was juicy, and overall it was a very good dish.

My son ordered the soup of the day (a minestrone, I believe) and my daughter ordered the Lobster Bisque.  

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